Big Blue Sky

Available from 14 October 2015

The Big Issue

Today (Fri 11 Dec) between 12.00-12.30 I’ll be joining Big Issue seller Drew at Pacific Square Maroubra (in Sydney). Come and say hello and buy a copy of this magazine which has been helping people help themselves for 20 years.

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Big Ideas on ABC RN Listen to my interview with Paul Barclay on ABC RN Big Ideas, broadcast Mon 2 Nov

Big Blue Sky


in bookshops from 14 October

Transcript, press conference, Big Blue Sky launch, 13 Oct 2015

I’ve had a big life and this is a big book. And not withstanding my comments about leadership and the many other yarns in Big Blue Sky, I’ve got a fantastically enduring hope about our country. [more]

Was it worth it?

I’m often asked the question ‘was it worth it?’

The answer is a resounding yes.

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“Peter Garrett is a long-time advocate and campaigner on a range of local and global issues. A member of Midnight Oil, one of Australia’s most successful bands, he served as a cabinet minister in the Rudd/Gillard Labor governments from 2007-13.

“The ‘Oils’ were renowned for their fierce independent stance and active support of the rights of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people and protection of the environment. The band’s protest and benefit shows, most notably the anti-Exxon performance on the back of a truck in the streets of New York, and the ‘Sorry suits’ appearance at the closing of the 2000 Sydney Olympics, were hallmarks of a 13-album career leading to an ARIA lifetime achievement award in 2006.” [click here for full profile]