Makarrata Live Tour Collaborator Announce

Makarrata Live Tour Collaborator Announce

Midnight Oil’s mini-album The Makarrata Project topped the ARIA charts last November. A powerful call for justice and recognition for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people, it featured on most critics’ lists for ‘The Best of 2020’. Next month the band will...

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In the midst of so much superficial coverage of the faux posturing by the @ScottMorrisonMP government, this tart summation is worth a read. 'Should Scott Morrison go to Cop26 in Glasgow? Not if he’s planning a climate con job | Bill Hare

The sideshow rolls on.This is virtually meaningless whilst govt still embraces coal/gas. Absent a serious upgraded 2030 target, delay is denial. ‘Josh Frydenberg to make case for net zero, saying Australia can’t risk being seen as a climate change pariah

I’m really pleased to be joining up as an Ambassador to 'Know Your Country'. Having access to Aboriginal culture via a First Nations educator in primary school is a such brilliant idea.


Nuke subs: A blank cheque to be paid by our grandchildren as warmongers and defence industries salivate. A plan hatched in secret by @ScottMorrisonMP without parliamentary oversight. A retreat from independence, and the non proliferation treaty system. That’s just for starters.

A Government minister taking money in this way fails every possible probity standard (including the pub test) and cannot stand. ‘ Christian Porter is beholden to a mystery benefactor. Hidden money is terrible for democracy | Hugh Riminton

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