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New album ‘A Version of Now’ out Friday 15 July

After nearly 15 years away from the recording studio, Midnight Oil frontman Peter Garrett today announces the details of his debut solo album, ’A Version of Now’. The chorus of the opening track ‘Tall Trees’ – really says it all … “I’m back!”. As the singer,...

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Peter Garrett’s alter ego

According to Peter Garrett, putting his new band on stage for the upcoming Zoo Twilight concerts makes perfect sense, writes Martin Boulton. Read the full article...

Why the ALP must focus its policy on the environment

29 October 2016 The JK McDougall Lecture to the Ararat Branch of the Australian Labor Party (edited version) by Peter Garrett. ‘Labor, the natural party of the environment.’ Politics in 2016 is shrinking; hollowing out and spiralling in weird directions...

Yothu Yindi’s ‘Treaty’ – Double J

Yothu Yindi were one of the first bands to bring the music, the stories and the issues of Indigenous Australia to the world with their energetic and beautiful music. Peter Garrett contributes some words to this feature on Double J, celebrating 25 years since the...

Awaken on NITV

Award winning journalist Stan Grant hosts a one hour panel show, putting Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander issues under the microscope.

Big Ideas on ABC RN

Peter Garrett has returned to music, tinkering with some new songs. He talks to Paul Barclay about his life’s passions: music, politics, the environment and Indigenous Australia.